Please meet Rianne Scholman

I am a research technician and I am working on assay development for UCAN in the lab of Berent Prakken.  Before I started working in the lab, I received a bachelor degree in Biomolecular Research in Utrecht. My research focus for UCAN-U is optimization of suppression assays. Suppression assays are used to test the functionality of T regulatory cells. Within this project we try to find the lower limit of cells for successful assays, optimize the assay for both proliferation as a read and cytokine production, and will look into the suppression of specific (innate and adaptive) effector cells as opposed to whole PBMC.  The results of these experiments will be published on the UCAN-U website, and should eventually result in a general protocol. Next to the UCAN-project, I am also involved in the Multiplex Core Facility of the UMC Utrecht, for example in assay validation. We can measure up to 150 different cytokines, chemokines and others in only a small volume of biological sample. If you have questions about suppression assays or luminex, you can email me any time (