Time to share

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In the latest issue of the pediatric rheumatology online journal http://www.ped-rheum.com/content/11/1/5 Nico Wulffraat and Bas Vastert on behalf of the SHARE consortium report on SHARE; a new European project that aims to provide the European countries with recommendations for the care of children and yound adults with rheumatic diseases. These recommendations will be based on surveys sent to ... read more

Marlies Allewijn

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Imagine On the 18th of November 2011, The Dutch Arthritis Foundation (DAF) celebrated its 85th anniversary. But is that worth a celebration? ‘Actually no,’ said Lodewijk Ridderbos, president of the DAF. ‘We shouldn’t be celebrating until there is no more Arthritis.’ Of course I agree. We shouldn’t get the party started too soon. But, I still ... read more

Rae Yeung: The launch of UCAN-U: towards personalised medicine

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This is an exciting time in translational research, where cutting edge biomedical technology is converging with clinical medicine to usher in an era of personalized medicine. Autoimmune disease research is at the forefront of high quality data collection. The availability of clinical, genotypic, mRNA and cytokine expression levels, and more recently imaging data provides an ... read more

Edward Nieuwenhuis: UCAN-U and the priority program Child Health

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In 2010 the Utrecht Medical Center (UMC) has selected six leading programs, including “Child Health”.  These programs aim at integrating the best of our clinical care programs with top of the bill science. Probably the most unique feature of this effort is the fact that only a limited number of programs has been selected (6) ... read more

Ingrid Lether: UCAN-U and Dutch Arthritis Foundation: a shared vision

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I am very pleased and feel very honoured to be the first to write a blog entry for the new UCAN-U website. When the Dutch Arthritis Foundation was first approached with the plans for UCAN, we were immediately very interested and enthusiastic about this international commitment to form a collaboration on research into juvenile arthritis. ... read more