Time to share

Posted by Berent Prakken on Friday, March 1st, 2013 | Comments Off on Time to share

Bas Vastert

In the latest issue of the pediatric rheumatology online journal http://www.ped-rheum.com/content/11/1/5 Nico Wulffraat and Bas Vastert on behalf of the SHARE consortium report on SHARE; a new European project that aims to provide the European countries with recommendations for the care of children and yound adults with rheumatic diseases. These recommendations will be based on surveys sent to PRINTO members and systematic literature reviews. Surveys on current local standard of care and best practice will be send to PRINTO members in EU member states. The success of this project largely largely depends on information provided by individual centers from our existing PRINTO and PReS networks. The authors therefore ask  for help in completing and returning these surveys which will be circulated March April 2013.

Berent Prakken