Ingrid Lether: UCAN-U and Dutch Arthritis Foundation: a shared vision

Posted by Ingrid Lether on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 | Comments Off on Ingrid Lether: UCAN-U and Dutch Arthritis Foundation: a shared vision

I am very pleased and feel very honoured to be the first to write a blog entry for the new UCAN-U website.
When the Dutch Arthritis Foundation was first approached with the plans for UCAN, we were immediately very interested and enthusiastic about this international commitment to form a collaboration on research into juvenile arthritis.
We feel very strongly about international cooperation in all fields of arthritis research, and UCAN fell straight in with our own policy. The proposal could not have come at a better time.

But although words have a power of themselves, more is needed to get things done.
Foremost you need brilliant investigators. That has certainly been taken care of, with the research groups active in UCAN, and the Dutch Arthritis Foundation cannot hope to improve that. Our strength lies in another field: without money the hands of those brilliant researchers are tied, so we untied them with a grant of one million euros.

So it’s now up to this group of renowned investigators: go for it!

Progress will be reported here, on this website. Much more interesting blogs will follow, written by the investigators themselves, to tell about daily life in the lab, with their ups and downs, big successes and small disappointments, sometimes a lot of fun and sometimes boring chores.

I hope the successes will really be breath taking, the disappointments only transient, that fun will have the upper hand, and the tedious hard work will be taken in its stride and yield its reward.

Ingrid Lether

M.Sc., Manager research and innovation Dutch Arthritis Foundation