Rae Yeung: The launch of UCAN-U: towards personalised medicine

Posted by Rae Young on Thursday, November 17th, 2011 | Comments Off on Rae Yeung: The launch of UCAN-U: towards personalised medicine

This is an exciting time in translational research, where cutting edge biomedical technology is converging with clinical medicine to usher in an era of personalized medicine. Autoimmune disease research is at the forefront of high quality data collection. The availability of clinical, genotypic, mRNA and cytokine expression levels, and more recently imaging data provides an unprecedented potential to combine clinical phenotype with biologic genotype to understand the biologic underpinnings of disease. To understand and resolve clinical heterogeneity towards a personalized therapeutic plan for every individual leads to the ultimate goal of improving the lives of those affected with childhood arthritis and rheumatic diseases. This is the shared vision of the UCAN network of physicians and researchers.
UCAN is a collaborative network whose mission is to enable excellent research in childhood arthritis by understanding the biologic basis of clinical heterogeneity in childhood arthritis. To achieve this mission, UCAN aims to create shared international platforms for biological studies in childhood arthritis and rheumatic diseases.
Our journey from dream to reality is evidenced by the launch of UCAN-U, our first platform. Congratulations to Professor Berent Prakken and his team for their vision, hard work and success!

Looking forward to exciting times!

Rae Young

M.D. Ph.D.