Optimizing transcriptomic analyses of low amounts of primary immune cells








In this “Data in Brief”, we focus on the analysis of sequencing data. We provide a detailed description of the downstream analysis, quality controls, and different analysis methods or techniques that validate the results obtained with RNA-sequencing. We shared the raw and processed files in GEO under GSE71595. These methods were published β€œopen-access” here:

Autoimmune disease-associated gene expression is reduced by BET-inhibition.

Peeters JG, Vervoort SJ, Mijnheer G, de Roock S, Vastert SJ, Nieuwenhuis EE, van Wijk F, Prakken BJ, Mokry M, van Loosdregt J.

Genom Data. 2015 Nov 7;7:14-7. doi: 10.1016/j.gdata.2015.11.004.