Training & education


To bridge the gap between bench and bedside it is necessary to have professional who can navigate on the broad and complex itinerary between both fields. In the pasts clinician-scientists were typically the professionals who could bridge this gap. However, for many reasons among which the heightened complexity of regulation and the enormous speed of progress in development in basic sciences, clinical scientists are threatened to become extinct.
UCAN-U aims also to provide training and education of professionals specifically for biological studies in Childhood Arthritis. By doing so, UCAN-U aims to complement the already existing training and educational programs, such as those organized by other organizations. Most importantly there will be plenty of opportunities
Promoting and providing training and education of professionals
To meet this aim, UCAN-U seeks to

  • Develop together with the Eureka Institute a training program for selected high potential young researchers
  • Actively promote training and education by sharing information
  • Provide a platform for communication by young researchers