Edward Nieuwenhuis: UCAN-U and the priority program Child Health

Posted by Edward Nieuwenhuis on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 | Comments Off on Edward Nieuwenhuis: UCAN-U and the priority program Child Health

In 2010 the Utrecht Medical Center (UMC) has selected six leading programs, including “Child Health”.  These programs aim at integrating the best of our clinical care programs with top of the bill science. Probably the most unique feature of this effort is the fact that only a limited number of programs has been selected (6) and that within each program only few diseases or categories were allowed.   The Child Health program focuses at: Upper respiratory tract infections; Fertility interventions; chronic inflammation and regenerative medicine, genetics & orphan diseases.
The chronic inflammation section mainly encompasses our work on Chilhood Arthritis. As such, both our top professionals in research as well as our pediatric rheumatologists are involved in further developing this work to the highest of international standards. It is for this particular reason that such a program would only become truly successful when a connection is made with broader initiatives around the world. I think the UCAN-U platform is all we could ever hope for: facilitation of translational studies, sharing materials and expertise. Above all, this will create an inspiring environment where brains of different age and educations upon connection will come up with innovative ideas and strategies for the treatment or arthritis.
A successful connect between the Child Health Chronic Inflammation section and the UCAN-U platform may also help developing the other sections and serve as a template for the other leading programs of the UMC Utrecht.

Edward Nieuwenhuis

Prof. E.E.S. Nieuwenhuis, MD PhD Chairman of Pediatrics Wilhelmina Children's Hospital