EUTRAIN: Now hiring 14 researchers

The Marie Curie FP7 Integrated Training network EUTRAIN is now hiring 14 Early stage Researchers (ESR) for a wide variety of jobs all in translational research in childhood arthritis. The researchers will be allocated with 10 different partners. The researchers will receive a 36 month research contract with an extensive ... read more

Young Investigators Awards PRES 2012

The young investigators awards of the PRES in 2012 were awarded to Seng-J Lee (Toronto) and Banu Orak (Muenster) after presenting their research at the YIM in Berlin. ... read more

Marlies Allewijn publishes ‘SchEef’

October 19th 2012 Marlies Allewijn publishes SchEef, a novel about a 14-year-old girl with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. The novel is funny, entertaining and gripping at the same time, and gives insight into the world of an adolescent girl with arthritis. A must read! Marlies Allewijn is a freelance journalist, TV-producer ... read more

When to stop treatment: new Prevent study

PREVENT study brief outline – Dirk Föll   With MTX therapy, remission can be induced in the majority of JIA patients. Those continuing medication can remain symptom-free (also referred to as “remission on medication”) and up to 50% of such patients reach a continuous status of remission after discontinuing medication ... read more

T cells out of control-impaired immune regulation in the inflamed joint

Since their discovery over 15 years ago, intensive research has focused on the presence, phenotype and function of FOXP3+ regulatory T cells (Treg) in autoimmune disease. The questions whether Treg deficiencies underlie autoimmune pathology and whether or how Treg-related therapeutic approaches might be successful are still subject of a vivid ... read more

EUTRAIN: all positions are now taken

The EU FP7 ITN project EUTRAIN has started, with all positions filled   ... read more

UCAN-U offers bursaries for EUREKA Course

The Eureka Institute will organize it’s fifth highly acclaimed course in Translational Medicine in Siracusa, Italy, from May 5th till May11th 2013 ( UCAN-U will offer bursaries for 1 or 2 students who want to visit the course but lack the necessary financial support. Candidates should: 1. Fulfill the selection ... read more

UCAN-U in Ljubljana

Among the most important goals of UCAN-U are to generate and share materials and expertise and to provide an infrastructure that facilitates exchange between researchers. Following these goals Mark Klein and Berent Prakken visited prof Tadej Avcin of the University Children’s Hospital in Ljubljana March 11-March13 to explore possibilities to ... read more

Thesis Henk Schipper: “Adipose tissue as an immunological organ – Implications for childhood obesity”

  Thesis: Adipose tissue as an immunological organ - Implications for childhood obesity Author: Henk Schipper - Pediatric immunology department (‘Prakken group’) - Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital Utrecht, The Netherlands   The immunological actions of adipose tissue (AT) are highly relevant for children with rheumatoid disorders like Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), next to obese children. As ... read more

Thesis Ellen Wehrens: “Vive La Résistance!? – How T cells escape regulation in autoimmune inflammation”

  Thesis: Vive La Résistance!? – How T cells escape regulation in autoimmune inflammation Author: Ellen Wehrens – Pediatric immunology department (‘Prakken group’) – Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital Utrecht, The Netherlands  FOXP3+ regulatory T cells can suppress the activation and effector functions of a wide range of immune cells and are ... read more