Why is summer school in translational medicine useful for a pediatric rheumatologist?

Working everyday with children suffering from rheumatic diseases and their parents often brings questions about diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options which are hard to answer. As a physician and scientist, I try to use scientific methods to respond this fundamental questions. Unfortunately, the gap between latest scientific discoveries and the benefit for the real patient in front of you in many cases seems impassable. Luckily, the new initiative from the top scientist and clinicians in EUREKA institute addresses this issue by many different activities, including organisation of courses on translational medicine. Recently I had a privilege to participate in one of those courses, that was part of Utrecht Summer School, intriguingly entitled “Why translational medicine fails – and what to do about it”. In just a one week this extensive course provided me with a great insight in the possibilities of converting basic science discoveries into new diagnostic and treatment options. The benefits of this newly acquired knowledge are already noticeable in a way I differentiate scientific discoveries of the greatest importance for the patients and goals I aim to reach when I conduct a new basic research. Finally, the course connected me to a growing network of physicians and researchers from all over the world who tend to use the same approach in order to bring scientific breakthroughs to those who needs them the most.








Lovro Lamot, MD, PhD

Pediatric rheumatology fellow

Clinical Hospital Center Sestre Milosrdnice

University of Zagreb School of Medicine


Attending the Eureka Summer School was a really fantastic, inspirational and career shaping experience for me as a paediatric rheumatology trainee and early career researcher. The course was extremely well run providing very helpful insights into the potential pitfalls involved in translational research and how to avoid them! One thing that I found particularly useful was that the course provided time, space and a supportive environment to reflect on where you are professionally, what is important to you and where you want to go….. The Paediatric Rheumatology European Society (PReS) provided support to allow me to attend the course, for which I am very grateful, and I hope this will be available for more paediatric rheumatology trainees in the future.

Dr. Eve Smith

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital
University of Liverpool