Introducing Janneke Peeters








I am Janneke Peeters and I am a PhD-student in the laboratory of Dr. Jorg van Loosdregt en Dr. Bas Vastert. Before I started my PhD, I studied Biomedical Sciences at the University of Utrecht. My research focus for UCAN-U is unraveling the molecular mechanisms underlying autoimmune diseases, such as Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). I am doing this by analyzing transcriptomic (via RNA-sequencing) and epigenomic (via ChIP-sequencing) changes in primary immune cells obtained from the blood and synovium of patients with different types of JIA. These analyses can lead to the identification of novel pathways or factors involved in JIA pathogenesis and identify biomarkers that can be used to stratify between different types of JIA. Via these analyses, we have discovered that the osteoclast differentiation pathway is differentially regulated within monocytes from the synovium of JIA patients. I am currently using patient material in in vitro osteoclast differentiation experiments to examine how osteoclast differentiation is affected. This knowledge will contribute to the understanding of JIA pathogenesis and can be used to improve or create novel therapeutic strategies.