Maruša Debeljak’s visit to the UMC Utrecht


Report on the visit to CMCI, UMC Utrecht

I spent a week in Center for Molecular and Cellular Immunology & Intervention (CMCI), Department of Pediatric Immunology in UMC Utrecht from 24 to 29 June 2013. I was invited by Prof. Berent Prakken, MD, PhD. The visit falls within the scope of the UCAN-U collaboration between CMCI inUtrecht, theNetherlands, and University Children’s Hospital of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The expenses of accommodation were kindly covered by the inviting institution.

The visit was a part of the cooperation between the abovementioned institutions on research of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). JIA is one of the most common chronic diseases in childhood, leading to significant morbidity and long-term disability. JIA is an autoimmune disease primarily affecting the joints. Sinovial fluid samples enable research into the autoimmune mechanism present in JIA affected joints.

The discussions focused on the research at CMCI, while I presented our work carried out at Children’sHospital of Ljubljana,Slovenia. I participated in the extended group meetings. We reviewed the methodologies used by CMCI and I completed hands-on training on cell-sampling from sinovial fluid, a crucial activity, since we plan to start sending samples fromSloveniato CMCI. This is the beginning of the long-term collaboration between research groups dealing with autoimmune disease at CMCI and Children’sHospital of Ljubljana,Slovenia. The detailed program for meetings and laboratory practice is attached.

I extend my warmest thanks to Prof. Berent Prakken and members of his group who kindly hosted me during my stay in Utrecht.

Kindest regards,

Maruša Debeljak, PhD

Klinični center ljubljana

University Medical Centre Ljubljana


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