A new UCAN-U team in Utrecht

Sytze de Roock is trained as a biologist and immunologist, and currently holds a key position in the pediatric rheumatology department in Utrecht at the intersection of fundamental laboratory research and clinical research. He has a research interest in the pathological background of sterile inflammation in JIA and a drive to translate laboratory findings to clinical output. In the past years he found that the quality of the interaction between basic scientists and clinicians in one integrated department is of paramount importance for translational research. He improved data sharing on patient information, sample information and laboratory data in daily routine in Utrecht by making standard procedures and automated databases. This resulted in more specific and accurate data and more efficient research where both clinicians and technicians work better together for the benefit of the patient as well as scientific output. As the head of the small team around UCAN-U in Utrecht, Sytze will use this experience to further integrate international clinical and laboratory departments and facilitate them in performing research that will ultimately improve the life of patients with pediatric rheumatic diseases.

In the upcoming months, Sytze and his team will share more laboratory research protocols with the research community in a comprehensive way. Moreover, they will describe the experiments  performed to optimize the protocols and show tips and tricks for other researchers to optimize these experiments in their own labs. The UCAN-U team will furthermore also focus on clinical protocols and the treat to target approach and share this on the UCAN-U website.


The UCAN-U project  aims to truly impact the care for children with rheumatic diseases through enabling cooperation between groups and individual researchers and physicians. This is our core mission. The team therefore very much welcomes  you to participate in this, and contact us if you are interested in our protocols, cohorts, samples, etc. even before we share this on the website.