ENCA is a network of parents support groups throughout Europe, which recognizes the need to support children and juveniles with rheumatic diseases
and their families.

ENCA is organized as an informal network between national JIA associations. ENCA is affiliated to PReS (Paediatric Rheumatology european Society)

The objectives of ENCA are:

  • to promote awareness of arthritis and associated diseases in children throughout Europe.
  • to interchange information about the diseases and their managements
  • to explore how the support groups can help each other



Contact person for further information

Claudia R. Grave, Hamburg, Germany
ENCA representative in PReS council
Elbchaussee 184a
DE-22605 Hamburg

News & Events:

Next meeting of ENCA 6th-9th June 2012
during the EULAR (European League Against Rheumatism) / PReS Conference in Berlin, Germany

Relevant links:

PRINTO (Paediatric Rheumatology INternational Trials Organization) information for families in several languages.

Websites of ENCA member organizations: