Center for Molecular and Cellular Intervention (Utrecht)

University Medical Center Utrecht

The focus of our research is to understand the immune processes that regulate chronic inflammation in humans, and to apply this knowledge to develop diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and, ultimately, tools for immune-based interventions. Our program applies a bench-to-bedside and vice versa approach, which has lead to development and application of experimental disease models, and Phase I/II proof of principle studies in patients.



Contact information:

University Medical Center Utrecht
Center for Molecular and Cellular Intervention (KC01.069.0)
PO Box 85500, 3508 GA Utrecht
The Netherlands
T +31 88 755 3316 (office)
T +31 88 755 3932 (lab)
F +31 88 755 3931


Who is who?

(listed are only staff members directly involved in biological research in childhood arthritis)


  • Dr Nico Wulffraat, chair of clinical department of Infection and Immunology. Expertise: innovative therapies, autologous bone marrow transplantation, mesenchymal stem cells, vaccinations, medicines & safety
  • Dr. Joost Frenkel. Expertise: auto-inflamatory diseases
  • Dr. Annet van Royen. Expertise: Juvenile Dermatomyositis, vasculitis
  • Drs. Bas Vastert. Expertise: systemic JIA,
  • Drs. Joost Swart. Expertise: mesenchymal stem cells


  • Prof. dr Berent Prakken, co-chair of the CMCI. Expertise: translational immunology, biomarkers, heat shock proteins, regulatory cells.
  • Prof dr. Paul Coffer, co-chair CMCI. Expertise: molecular immunology, forkhead transcription factors
  • Assoc prof. Marianne Boes. Expertise: cellular immunology, auto-inflammatory diseases, immune deficiencies, experimental models, antigen presentation
  • Mark Klein, lab manager CMCI. Expertise: FACS, imaging, T cell capture, functional cellular assays
  • Wilco de Jager, head luminex biomarker facility. Expertise: multiplex immuno assay (Luminex®), systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, cytokines, NK-cells, experimental models
  • Femke van Wijk, assistent professor. Mucosal immunology, regulatory cells, animal models, stem cell transplantation