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Cytokine signatures as biomarkers for autoimmunity

In the early stages of clinical development of autoimmunity the use of immunologic biomarkers can significantly speed up the process, since fundamental information on the efficacy and safety of the biologic agents can be obtained. Although such markers are not being used at present, emerging new technology, such as multiplex immunoassay, can be used to facilitate the development of specific tools for monitoring the (joint-) specific immune response. In further development, the use of immunologic biomarkers could be expanded to distinguish diverse response patterns and to identify surrogate markers of efficacy. This is a powerful, and yet underutilized, strategy for trial design and efficient decision making in clinical development, particularly in the early stages of disease.


xMAP Technology

Color-codes microspheres are available into 500 distinct sets. Each bead set can be coated with a reagent specific to a particular bioassay, allowing the capture and detection of specific analytes from a sample. Inside the analyzer, a light source excites the internal dyes that identify each microsphere particle, and also any reporter dye captured during the assay. Many readings are made on each bead set, which further validates the results. Using this flexible, open-architecture design, xMAP Technology allows multiplexing of up to 500 unique bioassays within a single sample, cost-effectively, rapidly and precisely.

Various body fluids can be used for detection of biomarkers using the xMAP technology. An overview is posted below


Available panel

IL-1RA   MIF   Adiponectin   sPD-1
IL-1a   LIF   Adipsin    FAS
IL-1b   OSM    Leptin    FAS-L
IL-2   TSLP   Chemerin    LAIR-1
IL-3   LAP/TGF-1   resistin   LAIR-2
IL-4   MIC-1/GFD15   Omentin    IL-18BPa
IL-5   CCL1/I-309    PAI-1    IL-1RI
IL-6   CCL2/MCP-1    RBP4   IL-1RII
IL-7   CCL3/MIP-1alpha    FABP4   IL-1R4/ST-2
IL-9   CCL4/MIP-1beta    TPO   TNF-RI
IL-11   CCL7/MCP-3    G-CSF   sIL-2R
IL-12 p70   CCL11/Eotaxin    M-CSF    sSCF-R
IL-13   CCL13/MCP-4   GM-CSF    galectin-3
IL-15   CC17/Tarc    SCF    galectin-9
IL-16   CCL18/PARC    HGF    P selectin
IL-17   CCL19/MIP-3beta    EGF    E selectin
IL-18   CCL20/mip3a   FGF basic    Cystatin C
IL-19   CCL22/MDC    NGF   SLPI
IL-21   CCL26/Eotaxin-3   BDNF   Elastase
IL-22    CCL27/C-TACK    VEGF   Elafin/Trappin2
IL-23 p19   CXCL4/PF4   sICAM    
IL-25/17E   CXCL-5/ENA-78    sVCAM    
IL-27   CXCL8/IL-8    sCD14     
IL-29   CXCL9/MIG    sCD163    
IL-31   CXCL10/IP-10    MMP-8    
IL-33   CXCL11/I-TAC   MMP-9    
IL-37   CXCL13/BLC    S100A12/EN-RAGE    
TNFa   CXCL14/BRAK/MIP2g   TIMP-1    
TNFb/LT-a   XCL-1   TREM-1    
IFNa   OPG    Cathepsin B    
IFNb   OPN    Cathepsin L    
IFNy   KIM-1/TIM-1   Cathepsin S    



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