UCAN-U offers bursaries for EUREKA Course

The Eureka Institute will organize it’s fifth highly acclaimed course in Translational Medicine in Siracusa, Italy, from May 5th till May11th 2013 (www.eurekainstitute.org). UCAN-U will offer bursaries for 1 or 2 students who want to visit the course but lack the necessary financial support. Candidates should:

1. Fulfill the selection criteria from the  Eureka Institute (and thus be accepted by the Eureka Institute to participate in the course)

2. Can demonstrate a clear interest to pursue translational research in childhood rheumatic diseases

Everybody can apply; there is no limitations with regard to country of residence or professional background.

An application should be sent before March 15th 2013 to mrs Erica Roks, UCAN-U, mail eroks@umcutrecht.nl This application should contain at least:

  • Contact information
  • CV (curriculum vitae)
  • Letter of support from your supervisor
  • A brief statement of your needs and expectations of the course
  • A statement of your interest in translational medicine in childhood rheumatic disease